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"Red dates are a traditional tonic in China.As the world's largest producer and exporter of red dates, China occupies an absolute dominant position in the world's production and trade of red dates.2018 is the new retail war In the crucial year of competition, the reconstruction of the relationship between people, goods and fields of the jujube industry by new retail has accelerated the upgrading of all important nodes in the industrial chain, such as brand merchants, distributors and B2B The platform and terminal stores use Internet technology to reconstruct their business forms and actively face the challenges and opportunities brought by new retail.

The exhibition reason

Brand attraction: display image between peers and customers, enhance industry status, brand value, popularity and reputation

Establish import: wholesale, distribution, retail sales network to promote the in-depth development of jujube industry chain consumer groups

Direct hit terminal: to understand the product information of competitors, feedback information of the market before the launch of new products, and grasp the market frontier

Exhibition time
May 29-31, 2019
The exhibition site
National Exhibition and Convention Center-Hongqiao·Shanghai
168 yinggang east road, qingpu district, Shanghai
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